Do Magnetic Lashes Work?

Magnetic lashes have been long a sought after cosmetic by celebrities and beauty queens all around the world. If you were to even bring this up in a beauty salon, they would not try to sell you on the idea. But, why is it that so many women want these? Well, understandable cries are being heard, and that is why magnetic lashes have been gaining considerable traction in the fashion industry. In fact, magnetic lashes have been so popular that they pop up almost everywhere from drugstores to Sephora and Ulta.

These work by directing the light energy onto the eyelashes where you want them. This allows the lashes to be longer, thicker, and fuller. It also makes them last longer than other eyelash enhancers such as gels or mists that leave the eyelash brittle and less than desirable. However, there are many differences between magnetic lashes and other forms of lash extensions such as gel.

Although many people will tell you that magnetic lashes are the real deal, this may not be true. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The biggest difference between these products are their components. Instead of using a gel, you use a synthetic polymer known as Polyethylene glycol (PEG), which is also commonly used in many makeup products.

The real difference between magnetic lashes and other forms of lash enhancers lies with the technology. The real thing works by placing the thin plastic bar across the bottom of the eye lashes. Then, the bottom part of the bar is composed of a magnetic strip along with thin pieces of magnetized strips. To place the strip on the eyelid, you apply pressure up against it. By applying repeated pressure to the strip, it will adhere to the eyelid, like a false eyelash.

Although there are similarities between the two, there are also key differences between magnetic lashes and other forms of eyelash enhancers. For starters, it can take up to 24 hours before your package arrives. You also have to take extra care when applying the glue since it can get extremely messy and smudged. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, it might be best to purchase a different brand of adhesive. In addition, you might want to purchase your own magnetic strip because sometimes the strips you find in drug stores do not come with the magnetic lashes.

So, there is no question that magnetic lashes do work, but they also take a lot of work to apply. These lashes, when applied correctly, look more natural than any other artificial eyelashes currently on the market. For this reason, they are not recommended for all individuals with sensitive eyes. As a result, a large portion of women who are currently shopping for faffs are unhappy with the results. The fact that it takes several applications to achieve the desired look makes it impractical for some consumers. This advertisement proves that these lashes, while effective, do take a lot of work to get used to.