Discover the future emojis: heart on fire, head in the clouds …

Presentation of the new emojis of Unicode version 13.1. © Emojipedia

Unicode 13.1: new smileys and new emotions

At the beginning of September, Google rolled out Android 11, the latest version of its operating system, offering its users the Unicode 13.0 version with its 117 new emojis. Apple did the same with iOS 14 on iPhone. Among the emojis available, we find: the ninja, the famous Italian-style pinched fingers, human body organs such as the lungs or the heart, the transgender flag or even animals such as the polar bear or the mammoth.

A new Unicode 13.1 version is emerging and this time unveils 5 new emojis which should be accessible to users at the end of 2020 or during 2021.

  • a sighing smiley
  • a smiley face in the clouds
  • a smiley with swirling eyes
  • a heart with a bandage
  • a flaming heart

© Emojipedia

© Emojipedia

New varieties of gender and color

Unicode version 13.1 also offers a new color palette so that users can select skin colors, especially for couple emojis. Users can more easily find an emoji that visually matches their duo.

New options for couple emojis. © Emojipedia

Unicode also offers more choices for the “beard” emoji so that all genres are represented. You will find all the new proposals that will be deployed with the latest Unicode version.

Beard emojis for everyone. © Emojipedia

By counting all the new combinations, we should access 217 new emojis. They should be deployed on phones at the end of 2020 or during the year 2021. To discover these future emojis, visit Emojipedia.

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