Discover the 117 new Android emojis


Here are all the new emojis available on Android phones.

The 117 new Android emojis. © Google / Emojipedia

117 new emojis on Android

Google yesterday started the deployment of Android 11, the new version of its operating system. All phones compatible with Android 11 will receive the update; the first to benefit from it will be Google Pixel smartphones and a few OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and realme models. 117 new emojis are included in this update, including: a smiley face with a tear, a disguised emoji, the famous pinched fingers, a ninja, a symbol representing a hug, several organs of the human body like the heart or the lungs , 12 animals including the black cat, the polar bear and the beaver, food and dishes such as Bubble Tea, olive and of course the long-awaited fondue, but also objects such as the boomerang, the magic wand, the accordion and a new flag, the transgender flag.

Don’t wait for Android 11 to get the new emojis!

These emojis are accessible with Android 11 but not only: users of the Google keyboard (Gboard) can already use these new emojis!

A new design for Android emojis

Google is taking advantage of these new emojis to change the design of all of its emojis. Among the notable changes: The heart leaving the mouth of the kissing emoji will change from pink to red, just like those of the smiling emoji with hearts. The dizzy face, the rolling-eyed emoji, the hot head and the dancing man are some of the emojis that change the most with Android 11. Here are some of the existing emojis that change their design with the update.

© Google / Emojipedia

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