Creative stopover in Saint Sever du Moustier


The charming little village of Saint Sever du Moustier has only 200 souls. The place itself has everything of a postcard: a beautiful church in the center, pretty houses and small streets … but the village has much more to offer! We don’t expect that, but Saint Sever du Moustier hosts quite unusual artistic places!

If the idyllic landscape is not enough for you to stop at Saint Sever du Moustier, the association “Les Nouveaux Troubadours” will reserve cultural and artistic discoveries which, for sure, will make you stop for a few hours or even a few days.

Bush Arts Museum

It all starts with the small bush arts museum which faces the village church. What is bush art? Quite simply the one who is not there to impress the gallery, who is not made to be admired, who comes out of himself without being able to repress him, on any medium and who takes any what form. This is, for example, the Panuelos exhibition which shows the drawings that Mexican prisoners sketched on tissue paper, intended for their wives or mistresses.

It is also the marvelous exhibition of Paul Amar, an atypical artist who built a fantastic world made of colored shells. Behind the church, a few steps from the museum, is the Sculpture Garden welcoming the works of sculptors who are invited to leave a mark on Saint Sever du Moustier since 2010.

Unusual Construction

But the most beautiful is yet to come. After a little climb at the back of the village, we discover the highlight of the show, the very purpose of our visit here: Unusual Construction.

The unusual construction is an imaginary place built without a plan, the cradle of the creativity of visitors passing through Saint Sever du Moustier. Here, a stone vault, there a mosaic panda or even funny characters … an atypical place, dedicated to art and imagination. Make way for images!

Anyone can leave a trace of their passage on the unusual construction, but no question of scribbling their name on a wall or other signature as fast as it is futile. Participating in the construction means staying in the village for a few days and learning the techniques from craftsmen and artists, in order to leave a coherent trace that serves the collective effort. Whether creating mosaics or building wrought iron, the association “Les Nouveaux Troubadours” offers creative stays for teens and families. Not only do you bring your stone to this building, but in addition you learn a real know-how after from a local craftsman, even if you have no artistic experience.

Personally, I love this kind of creative initiative. Go green for a few days in a lost village, be in contact with the material, learn from artisans, create from artists … Saint Sever du Moustier is a perfect destination to spend a few days disconnected from the rest of the world and come out grown and rested.

And you, would you be tempted by a creative stay at Saint Sever du Moustier?

Useful information
Free visits
Stay for teenagers from 12 years old
Rates between 200 € and 400 € depending on the number of days on site (between 4 and 8 days) including meals and accommodation in tents.

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