Build 2020: Microsoft officially launches Windows Terminal 1.0


Microsoft officially launched the first stable version of Windows Terminal for Windows 10, after the company has already presented the first preview during the 2019 edition of its Build conference, the one reserved for developers.

The new Windows Terminal is packed with useful features. Functionality aside, the heart of the console environment has been modernized. Windows 10 has a built-in terminal environment that is fully backward compatible, so these changes could not happen to the built-in console environment of Windows 10.

Windows Terminal has evolved a lot since the first version launched a year ago, and the proof is the massive improvements it has received all this time. For example, Terminal now has GPU accelerated rendering, which means that everything is much faster and, in addition, you benefit from the support of Unicode and UTF-8 characters.

Windows Terminal also has Microsoft’s Cascadia Code font, as well as tabs and panes, which makes it easier to work with several windows or command line applications.

Windows Terminal allows you to run any command line application inside tabs and panes. You can create profiles for each of your command line applications and open them side by side for a transparent workflow. Each of your profiles can be personalized in a unique way to your taste Explains Microsoft. ” In addition, Windows Terminal will automatically create profiles for you if you have Windows Subsystem for Linux distributions or additional PowerShell versions installed on your machine.

Channel preview

There are many customization options in Windows Terminal, including the famous acrylic background that is part of the Fluent Design design language and custom shortcut keys. You can also set background images and use GIFs, as well as activate a retro terminal effect that gives “that feeling of using a conventional CRT machine“As Microsoft itself explains.

Microsoft is also launching a canalpreviewWindows Terminal, which means that users who want to stay on top of all the ideas the company is experimenting with can download a versionpreviewseparately from the stable installer. Windows Monthly Preview will receive updates monthly and will be available both in the Microsoft Store and on GitHub.

Windows Terminal (Preview)
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free