Best magnetic lashes of 2021

Magnetic lashes are the new trend for women who want to enhance their natural lashes, it is an open secret among women who want elegant and bold eyelashes. Magnetic extensions are equipped with thin magnetic lines that can be easily attached to natural eyelashes, magnetic lashes are the most hassle free and sought-after beauty enhancement product used by women around the globe. Fake lashes that use adhesive are already outdated and

Women prefer magnetic lashes over other lash extensions as they are durable and extremely gentle on your sensitive skin. Magnetic lashes are found in the essential make-up kit of each and every celebrity out there, this simple yet amazing product can also do wonders to your everyday make-up regime. Beautiful women who use magnetic lashes never switch back to traditional extensions which required application of adhesives to ensure that lashes stay in their place. Unlike traditional eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes extensions and their application does not involve any use of potentially harmful chemicals and adhesives, magnetic eyelashes are suitable for everyday use by anyone who want expressive eyes and a confident look.

I have personally used magnetic lashes for several years now, trust me, they do wonders to your look without damaging your natural lashes as they follow the shape of your natural lashes. I love the fact that they do not look artificial and can be worn for any occasions. Once you get used to magnetic lashes you will never leave your house without having them on, be it for a morning walk or the dinner date that you have been planning for.

Unlike traditional eyelashes, magnetic eyelashes extensions and their application does not involve any use of potentially harmful chemicals and adhesives, magnetic eyelashes are suitable for everyday use by anyone who want expressive eyes and a confident look. 

Magnetic eyelash extensions are amazing and have several advantages over traditional extensions. If you are wondering why every model on Instagram appears to have jaw dropping eyes, here are some reasons for you.

  1. Magnetic Eyelashes are easy to use and easy to remove.
  2. No more checking on your lash extensions, magnetic lashes hold on and remain in shape even when used for longer durations of time. 
  3. Magnetic lashes do not require any additional application of sticky adhesives that everyone hates. 
  4. They do not stick out like artificial lashes and do not feel uncomfortable when you blink. 
  5. Application of magnetic eyelashes does not require significant effort or time.  
  6. Magnetic Eyelashes are safe to use.
  7. Caring for magnetic eyelashes is extremely easy, they do not require any cleaning.’

Magnetic lashes can be used every day, they are reusable and extremely durable, allowing for prolonged use. If you seek to enhance your look and still look natural, you should definitely get magnetic extensions today. They are not only used by models and influencers, but also by women who prefer to have a fresh and bold look every day. Fake lashes that use adhesives are already outdated and you do not have to accept them as cheap trade-off to magnetic extensions. 

How to apply Magnetic Eyelashes?

It is extremely important to have a solid base to ensure correct application of magnetic eyelashes, you can readily use a curler to ensure that your natural lashes are in the desired shape, it will also help you to correctly place the magnetic lining. 

Once you are confident about the shape of your natural lashes, start applying mascara to give your eyes an amazing bold look, however, never use mascara over the magnetic lining of the lash extension. Now you can start attaching the magnetic lash by slowly rolling the edges on the mascara applied. While placing both the parts it is essential to make sure that the magnets click together. If you find it difficult to apply magnetic lashes you can make the process easier by using a lash applicator. 

Best Magnetic Eyelashes for You 

  1. Doe Eyes Magnetic Extensions 

This product is most suitable for first time users as it requires minimal effort towards application and use. Also, if you are sceptical about comfort and daily use you should definitely give Doe Eyes a try, as user reviews suggest that these magnetic extensions are exceedingly comfortable and suitable for long term use. The magnetic strip is thin and does not cause any irritation or discomfort to first time users, and not to mention it meets the high standards and expectations similar to best quality extensions out there. The eyelashes are also accompanied by an eyeliner and a curler. If you are a first-time buyer do not think twice, this product is for you.  

  1. The Los Angeles Eyes Magnetic Extensions 

These extensions are widely used by popular celebrities around the world, are available in multiple styles and shapes. If you are looking to change your everyday look, The Los Angeles Eyes extensions are most suitable for you as they increase the volume of your natural lashes, making your eyes bolder. It is an extension that is used by professionals, trust me, you will be turning heads whenever you leave your home. 

  1. The Everyday Magnetic Extensions 

Want an eyelash extension that can be worn anywhere? This product is for you. As the name suggests you can apply magnetic lashes every day, anywhere you go, from your office to a day out in the hills. This product is sturdy and strong, you can simply apply the magnetic eyelash and forget it, it will look as sleek as it looked in the morning when you left your house. This product completes your face even when you forget to use any other beauty products in the morning. If you are a busy and active woman this product is for you. 

How to remove Magnetic Eyelash Extension?

After a long and tiring day, that was full of compliments you will not face any discomfit or difficulty in removing eyelash extensions. Although removing eyelash extensions is relatively easy, it is important to do it carefully. To separate the magnets, use your thumb and index finger in a sliding motion, it is also important to remember to never pull the eyelash straight out. An extension is suitable for multiple applications, to ensure reusability correctly store the lash in its box.