Become Better at Basketball: Tips

Adopt the right drible position. Your knees should be bent and spread apart in line with your shoulders and you should keep your balance by leaning slightly on your toes. Do not stand flat on your feet with your knees locked. When dribbling, don’t bounce the ball higher than your waist. In the defense position, the ball should not rise higher than your knees or mid-thigh.

Learn to dribble with each hand separately. 
When you are just starting out, you will have to learn to feel the way the ball moves and how it reacts to the force you apply to it. It is also best to practice using each hand separately and learn to move right and left. Alternate between strong rebounds and softer rebounds.Here is a good drible exercise: start by doing 20 dribbles in a row with your right hand, then do 20 dribles with your left hand. Do three sets of this exercise at the start of your basketball training, then three sets at the end.

At first, stay still, but keep your knees bent and move over your toes. When you are comfortable drifting without moving, do the same exercise while walking. When you are comfortable walking, start running.

Look straight ahead. One of the most important points during the first stages of the drible is to dribble without looking at the ball. It will be difficult at first, but you will have to feel the ball without having to see it. Choose a point (like the edge of the basketball hoop) where you can fix your gaze as you start to dribble and run.

Screen. Learn to feel where the ball is at all times, control it as best you can.Try not to let the ball touch your palm. Good dripping comes from the fingers.

Spend all of your free time training to dribble. Drible in the field or anywhere you train. Drible by going to school or to a friend’s house. Turn on the TV before you can see it through the window and dribble following your favorite series.

Pull free throws until you can do it with your eyes closed. The free throws are the purest expression of the mechanics of the shot. You cannot detach your feet from the ground, you will have to perfect your movement and your precision.See how many free-throws you can score in a row.

Practice throwing free-throws when you’re cold or tired. If you can succeed in free-throws while out of breath after a sprint or drifting exercises, you will soon be ready for the game.