CratePricePrice (Open 10 times)
PUBG Superior Crate
PUBG Premium Crate
PUBG Crate
Soldier’s Crate700 BP Raises in Value

Open Premium Crates with UC

These creates include exclusive clothes and skin sets for characters, weapons, and even vehicles! Opening them costs a certain amount of UC!

PUBG Superior Crate


Skins in the Superior Crate

Sports Top (Blue)Fancy Shirt (White)Military Beret (Blue)
ROCK Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Purple)Silver Masquerade MaskVintage Baseball Cap (Black)
Terrifying MaskEmo MaskElite T-Shirt C
Earth Day T-Shirt (White)Sea Spirit ShirtShort Sleeve (Love)
Combat Pants (Grey Camo)Earth Day T-Shirt (Green)Devouring Mask (Black)

PUBG Premium Crate


Skins in the PUBG Premium Crate

Sports Top (Blue)Fancy Shirt (White)Red DJ Cap
Silver Masquerade MaskROCK Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Purple) Square Glasses (Black}
Shirt (Green)Pants (Green)

PUBG Crate


Skins in the PUBG Crate

Fancy Shirt (White)T-Shirt (Orange-Red)Hi-Top Trainers (Blue)

Use BPs for the Soldier’s Crate

The Soldier’s Crate is the only crate in PUBG Mobile that can be opened with BPs. Every time you open it, the price will increase!

Price for the Soldier’s Crate Resets Weekly

The Soldier’s Crate goes back to its initial price every Monday! Try to open it only thrice or four times a week to save up on some BP.

Soldier’s Crate

1700 BP
21400 BP
32800 BP
44200 BP
55600 BP
6 ~7000 BP

Skins in the Soldier’s Crate

Sunglasses (Red)Hotpants (Blue)Fedora
Mandarin Jacket (Blue)School Shirt (Open)Ballistic Mask
Slacks (Blue)Falcon Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Blue-WhitePadded Jacket (Urban)
Floral ShirtSchool ShoesGlasses (Punk)
Boots (Punk)Hi-Top Trainors (Blue)Gas Mask
Dirty Tank Top (White)Dirty Tank Top (Dark Grey)T-Shirt (Red)
T-Shirt (Stripped)Bloody Combat PantsCargo Pants (Khaki)
Cargo Pants (Beige)Cargo Pants (Blue)Beanie
Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Light Blue)Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Black)Long-Sleeved T-Shirt (Stripped)
Working Boots
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