C ++ 20: the new features of the update expected at the end of 2020

Watch movies, TV shows and videos with your friends on Messenger. Watch Together is available on Messenger © Facebook Watch Together, Messenger’s new video feature Facebook announces the launch of Watch Together on Messenger. This new feature allows two users to watch the same video simultaneously. On your screen, you obviously view the video of … Read more Facebook launches Watch Together on Messenger

Study: inserting an emoji in the subject of an email, a bad idea?

It’s official: Microsoft will not buy TikTok. Oracle moves into pole position for the “buyout” of TikTok. © prima91 – stock.adobe.com Microsoft will not buy TikTok Microsoft has issued a statement ending the buyout rumors: “ByteDance let us know today that they will not sell TikTok’s US operations to Microsoft”. The Redmond firm takes note … Read more TikTok takeover: ByteDance rejects Microsoft’s offer, towards an agreement with Oracle?