Apple Stores reopen, and you’ll need to wear a mask

Apple has reopened nearly 100 of its Apple Stores worldwide, the company confirmed, detailing the steps it is taking to restore in-person shopping safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a new open letter, the company explained how the coronavirus will change the appearance and operation of Apple Stores after it begins resuming operations in the United States.

In mid-March, all Apple Stores in France and in other regions of the world were closed to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Apple then extended the closure, although it was confirmed in early May that it would gradually reopen its own stores.

In four states – Idaho, South Carolina, Alabama and Alaska – will now be joined by others. Apple takes into account “local cases, short and long term trends, and advice from national and local health officials“Says the company as it decides on this roadmap. She also warns that she may close open stores again if a new epidemic breaks out.

Reopening Apple Stores will have a limited occupancy rate, with a cap on the number of customers that can be inside at any one time. Of temperature checks will be performed before people are allowed to enter, as well as questions to screen for possible symptoms of COVID-19. The agency will also “deep cleaning” of the most frequented products, surfaces and areas.

Apple’s mask-wearing policy will likely be the most controversial, given people’s reluctance to wear a mask. “Masks will be mandatory for all our teams and all our customers“Confirms the company,”and we will provide them to customers who will not bring their own

Not yet in France

The reality is that it might still be easier to avoid physical Apple Stores, or at least enter them if you can. Sidewalk pickup and drop-off are things Apple is considering for many of its stores, for example, so that orders can be collected without buyers having to enter. Online orders can be shipped to your home or delivered to a store for these pickup options.

The Genius Bar meetings will continue to be individual. Apple’s Find a Store locator will display reopening details for each store. While the economic impact of the current pandemic is still far from calculated, Apple’s online sales are a blessing for the company. The firm announced its second quarter 2020 results in late April, setting new sales records.

To date, in France the Apple Stores are not yet reopened.