Android 11 is available: discover the 11 new features


The new version of Google’s operating system brings new features to better manage your conversations, your connected devices and control the confidentiality of your personal data.

Android 11 is currently being deployed. © Google

1. A dedicated space to find all your conversations

All messages received and sent from several messaging applications are grouped together in the section dedicated to notifications. The objective: to facilitate the management of its conversations in the same place. It is also possible to prioritize the messages so as not to miss any exchanges with your most important contacts. Note that these conversations are also displayed on the lock screen.

2. Conversations in the form of bubbles

This is one of the new features of Android 11: the functionality Bubbles Allows you to reply to a contact without having to switch to the messaging app or action center, for easier multitasking. Conversations appear as bubbles on your smartphone, with a shortcut on the home screen. They thus remain visible and accessible at all times. You can pin your chats so they appear on top of other apps to keep tabs on your most important conversations.

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3. A screen recording integrated into your smartphone

Another very practical tool: the screen recording comes with Android 11. It is now possible to capture an image or a video played on the screen of your smartphone, and share it. You can record sound with the microphone or with your audio source on your device, or both. The functionality is native: no application is required to use it.

4. Improved multimedia controls

The multimedia controls function has been redesigned in Android 11. It allows users to quickly change the output device for their audio and video content. The plus: it is now possible to switch multimedia content to another audio output, to switch from headphones to a connected speaker or vice versa, even during playback.

5. Unique permissions to access your applications

The new version of Android brings greater protection to your personal data. Each time an application is used, the user is asked for a unique authorization to request access to certain device parameters, such as the microphone, camera or its location.

© Android

6. Automatic reset of permissions for unused applications

To prevent long-installed apps on a smartphone from continuing to have access to your personal data, Android 11 will now automatically reset all required execute permissions for these apps and notify the user. You can always re-grant these permissions the next time you use the affected apps.

7. Control of your connected devices from your smartphone

Responding to the rise of the connected home, Android 11 lets you connect and access all your smart devices faster and easier. To do this, just long press the power button on your smartphone. The latter instantly displays the controls of the connected device in one place, such as a thermostat or a smart lock, which you can control with a single tap, without having to open multiple apps.

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8. New updates for Google Play

With Android 11, the number of modules that can be updated from Google Play is doubled. Google’s app store benefits from more security and privacy patches, which are available to update your device without having to wait for the next version of the operating system.

9. Android Enterprise: better privacy protection

If you use an Android smartphone belonging to your company, the new update guarantees better protection for the confidentiality of your personal data on your professional profile. Your company’s IT department will be able to manage your device without having the ability to monitor your personal profile data or smartphone activity.

10. Android Auto function in wireless mode

With Android Auto, you can use the features of your smartphone in your car: dictate a message out loud, find a route, listen to music or even use the Google Assistant. The plus: Android Auto works wirelessly for smartphones running Android 11, if you have a compatible vehicle.

11. Additional features for Pixel smartphones

Other sub features offered in Android 11 for Pixel 2 or higher smartphone users, such as app suggestions on the home screen, the ability to take a screenshot of an app, or select text and images.

The Android 11 update is rolling out to Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Realme devices. The new version of Google’s OS will be available on other devices in the coming months.

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