Amazon launches surveillance drone, cloud gaming service and new Echo speakers

A series of new technology products as well as Luna, the cloud gaming service, have been announced by Amazon.

Always Home Cam, Amazon’s new flying surveillance camera model. © Amazon / Ring

A security camera drone to monitor your home

Since the takeover of the startup Ring in 2018, the brand has been one of the best-selling products on the platform. 4 new Ring products have just been announced by Amazon, including one that should spark the most controversy: Always Home Cam.

It is a drone equipped with a security camera for home surveillance. Its particularity: it will be able to go around the house while filming each room, either independently or by being controlled by its owner. The images will be visible from a mobile application. It will also be able to fly independently, especially in the event of an intrusion into the house, before returning to its base to recharge.

Amazon ensures that the recorded data will be kept confidential. The drone will only record the filmed images when it is in flight. When it is charging, the camera is turned off. No release date has yet been communicated. The price: $ 249.99.

Other Ring products have been announced for the car:

  • a car alarm, which works with Alexa and which will be able to trigger sirens and lights in the event of an alert (60 dollars),
  • a car camera to monitor the environment around the vehicle, whether it is moving or stationary ($ 200),
  • Ring Car Connect API, which can be integrated into cars equipped with existing cameras, including certain Tesla models ($ 200).

A new design for Echo speakers

The Echo and Echo Dot connected speakers benefit from a new design: no more cylindrical shapes, place for the spherical format. These new orbs integrate the voice assistant Alexa, a new AZ1 Neural Edge processor and offer better sound quality with Dolby Stereo. These new versions allow the product to move upmarket. Note that the Echo Dot model displays the time directly on the sphere. The 4th generation Echo is slated for release on October 22 for $ 100, while Echo Dot goes on sale for $ 60.

Amazon presents the new Echo © Amazon

Amazon Luna, the new cloud gaming platform

To counter Google’s Stadia service and Microsoft’s xCloud project, Amazon is launching Luna, its new on-demand video game platform. Concretely, players will be able to directly access the titles of their choice via the cloud and from any terminal. Luna’s offer starts at $ 5.99 per month with unlimited hours of play and access to a hundred games upon release. A controller, which can connect directly to Wi-Fi, but also to USB or Bluetooth, to play especially in offline mode, is also launched.

Among the other novelties, we can also note new models of Wi-Fi 6 and Fire Tv routers.

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