72 ideas for your Raspberry Pi

Many of us have obtained a small Raspberry Pi computer to get started with sick new projects… It’s very cool, but apart from the classic Media Center, what have you done with your Raspberry Pi?

If you are drying ideas, here is a small selection that I have gathered over the past few months. I imagine there are still many other ideas and tutorials, so feel free to share the links in the comments, I will add them to my list. Thank you, and thank you to everyone who sent me ideas!

In the meantime, I hope these will inspire you …

So we can do:

  1. A module to open your garage door by voice (thanks to SIRI)
  2. coffee table for arcade games to tell your story when you invite people to your house.
  3. Beatbox for making music with beets.
  4. Roomba robot.
  5. netbook.
  6. video surveillance system communicating via Telegram.
  7. pirateBox / -)
  8. media center with Kodi.
  9. media center with Plex.
  10. media center with Emby.
  11. streaming server with OpenMediaVault.
  12. GPIO home automation server.
  13. SqueezeBox server (Logitech Media Server)
  14. An alarm for your home.
  15. An audiobook player.
  16. camera to take the starry sky.
  17. Owncloud server.
  18. network monitoring tool.
  19. tank.
  20. Twitter bot.
  21. OBD-II connector (for the car)
  22. An ad blocker for television.
  23. BitTorrent server.
  24. A classic FTP server.
  25. An FTP server that runs on solar energy.
  26. MAME arcade machine.
  27. An FM transmitter.
  28. NAS.
  29. A portable ECG (Electrocardiogram).
  30. Git server
  31. mail server.
  32. laptop.
  33. road traffic monitoring tool.
  34. digital photo frame.
  35. Time Machine.
  36. home automation box with Jeedom or with OpenHAB.
  37. A module to pilot your Christmas garlands.
  38. web server. (or a ”  blog ” … well, a LAMP server what)
  39. Of glasses Raspberry Pi.
  40. distributor of tickets.
  41. A router to block ads.
  42. An onboardd system for reading license plates.
  43. retro gaming console.
  44. Time-lapse entertainment.
  45. What stream music at home as Sonos. ( There’s that too )
  46. An advice machine.
  47. A computer to teach children to develop video games [PDF].
  48. An on-board computer for the car.
  49. pentest toolbox (with Pwnie Express which I love)
  50. remote control system for your Windows PC.
  51. motion detector with photo capture.
  52. Minecraft server.
  53. dynamic display system to distribute information or advertising.
  54. What stream PC games.
  55. great computer.
  56. A studio for Stop Motion.
  57. From LightPainting (See is beautiful)
  58. weather station.
  59. photo booth.
  60. PlayStation.
  61. GameBoy.
  62. connected mirror.
  63. remote-controlled car.
  64. A visual indicator to know if you are still connected to the net.
  65. Bitcoin miner.
  66. DLNA server.
  67. An Asterisk server (for VoIP).
  68. robot.
  69. dog robot.
  70. cat robot.
  71. VPN server.
  72. travel VPN router.