10 key figures for e-commerce in Q2 2020


The results of e-commerce during containment are mixed: the service sector is in sharp decline while the sale of products online has experienced a sharp increase.

Discover the main key figures for e-commerce in France in the second quarter of 2020. © tonefotografia – stock.adobe.com

The Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (Fevad) published its report on e-commerce for the second quarter of 2020. The study, which was carried out with data collected from leading merchant sites in the sector and from 9 payment platforms, presents contrasting growth figures depending on the nature of purchases. While services are down sharply, overall growth (+ 5.3%) is offset by a strong increase in online product sales.

Strong recovery in product sales, offsetting the drop in services

The confinement marked an abrupt end to many services, in particular for travel reservations. In April, in full containment, the e-commerce sector was up very slightly by + 0.8% compared to the same period last year. The fall in online services was offset by a strong recovery in Internet product sales from mid-April. This trend continued in May and June for an overall growth in products and services of + 7.4% over these two months.

If e-commerce constitutes a sector sensitive to the economic situation in the same way as physical commerce, online sales thus appear as a lever of the economic recovery which makes it possible to respond to new consumer behavior resulting from the crisis, explains the Fevad in a statement.

The 10 key e-commerce figures to remember for Q2 2020

From the sector’s turnover to the results of online transactions and the average basket of French Internet users, here are the 10 key e-commerce figures to remember for the 2nd quarter:

  1. Q2 2020 e-commerce revenue: € 25.9 billion,
  2. Growth in e-commerce in Q2 2020: + 5.3% vs. + 12.1% in Q2 2019,
  3. Breakdown of sales of products and services: 57% of the overall figure for the sale of products against 44% on average in 2019,
  4. Online transactions on Internet sales sites (products and services): 408 million,
  5. Average basket: € 63.6 (+ 6.8% vs Q2 2019),
  6. More than 202,000 online shopping sites, i.e. 11,000 more over 1 year,
  7. Online purchases from store brands: + 83%,
  8. Online travel sales: -75%,
  9. Sales made on behalf of third parties on marketplaces: + 60% in April and May, + 26% in June 2020 (vs + 14% in 2019),
  10. Mobile sales (smartphones and digital tablets) from sites and applications: -0.3%.

Online shopping on the rise during and after containment

Out of 41 million online shoppers in France in the second quarter of 2020, or 1 million more Internet users compared to the same period in 2019, 71% made purchases on e-commerce sites with physical stores, according to data from the ‘Observatory of Internet Uses of Médiamétrie. During the lockdown, 68.2% of online shoppers said they ordered as much or more from the internet as before. Since the gradual reopening of stores, 48.6% of online shoppers have consumed more online than during containment and do not intend to stop there.

On average, 43.5 million Internet users, or 69% of French people, visited at least one e-commerce site or application every month on the 15 most visited sites in the second quarter:

The top 15 most visited e-commerce sites and applications in France in Q2 2020 © Fevad

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